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About Our Nursery

We are a fast, responsive, wholesale nursery distributor dedicated to innovative partnerships with landscape contractors and municipalities that differentiate us among the competition.

We maintain consistent quality in a large scale operation across a depth of variety intended to meet demand and maximize value for the landscaper, their customers, and the public.

Dedicated to service, quality, value, and innovation!

About Our Landscape Materials

If you are growing grass or plants, for business or pleasure, then quality topsoil is the first thing you need. The top layer of the soil must be rich in nutrients and organic matter for your plants and grass to thrive, whether we’re talking about residential garden soil or a commercial farming operation.

Longwood Farms has years of experience as a topsoil and compost supplier. Our fine, screened loam is sought after as a high-quality topsoil.

About Our Landscape Projects

From a baseball field restoration to a back yard garden we have the tools and staff to complete any landscape project you can imagine. 

We have a dedicated site grading and hydroseeding team that is ready to tackle anything you throw at us.

Contact us today and see how we can turn your dreams into a reality.

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